GOP Congressman: Hamas Could Infect Themselves With Ebola And Come To America

"Okay, well, part of their creed would be to bring persons who have Ebola into our country."

A Republican congressman says terrorists from Hamas could purposely infect themselves with the Ebola virus and then travel to America.

Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina was asked Thursday, during a question-and-answer after a speech, about the threat of Ebola entering the country through the U.S.-Mexico border. Referring to the "hypothetical," Wilson said, "I'm very concerned. We had people who, I'll repeat it, the creed of Hamas: We value death more than you value life. What? That's their creed."

The South Carolina congressman suggested that to promote their ideology, Hamas militants could send themselves to the United States, a situation he said could be avoided by sealing the southern border.

"Okay, well, part of their creed would be to bring persons who have Ebola into our country. It would promote their creed. And all this could be avoided by sealing the border, thoroughly. C'mon, this is the 21st century."

Earlier, Wilson called for Ebola-related travel ban and said we should "seriously seal the southern border."

"I'm absolutely convinced, too, that we've got to seriously seal our southern border," said Wilson. "If you have tens of thousands of children coming across the border who could have potential health issues the thought of other people coming across to me just should be stopped and avoided."

"We need to have secure borders," concluded Wilson.

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