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George Romney's FBI File

The file, a compiled history of FBI investigations before his federal appointments, offers insight into the life and character of the former Governor and Housing and Urban Development Secretary. Agents' background interviews paint a picture of a Governor with a passion for civil rights, strict adherence to his Mormon faith, his "sensational tennis skills," and a friendly relationship with big labor. It also includes warm personal correspondence with FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. Here is the entire 345 page FBI file covering Romney's life until 1992.

Posted on February 28, 2012, at 11:54 a.m. ET

Table of Interesting Contents

George Romney’s family, resume, and list of all travel (2-6)

An interviewee mentions the Governor is “too honest for his own good” (79)

A Michigan judge says Romney is honest but doesn’t do his homework (81)

Endorsement from the Walter Reuther, head of the UAW (91)

AFL-CIO Michigan leader August Scholle says Romney has been “inconsistent” his whole life (93)

Romney’s relationship with the NAACP (99-101)

Romney’s strict adherence of his religion (102)

Romney a “tiger on civil rights” (110)

A “fanatic American” who believes “too strongly in his own goodness” (115)

A lifetime member of the NAACP (148)

A Romney family member appears to have been arrested for "parading without a permit" (152)

A George Romney letter to J. Edgar Hoover (153)

Letters between federal agencies concerning George Romney (154-163)

George Romney’s “sensational” tennis skills (157)

George Romney was at demonstration in Virginia that featured SDS, Weather underground, and other leftist groups. (172-186)

A brief biography of George Romney (209-2011)