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Everyone Thinks Chris Christie Said "Four Dicks"

He said "Fort Dix."

Posted on December 15, 2015, at 11:29 p.m. ET

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie touted his record on national defense at Tuesday night's GOP presidential debate, citing his prosecution as a U.S. attorney of five men who allegedly plotted to attack Fort Dix military base in his state.

Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images

"We prosecuted two of the biggest terrorism cases in the world and stopped Fort Dix from being attacked by six American radicalized Muslims from a Mosque in New Jersey because we worked with the Muslim American community to get intelligence and we used the Patriot Act to get other intelligence to make sure we did those cases," Christie said on Tuesday evening at the Las Vegas debate. "This is the difference between actually been a federal prosecutor, actually doing something, and not just spending your life as one of hundred debating it."

But many heard something different: "four dicks."

Here's a Vine of Christie saying "Fort Dix."

And here's what people on Twitter heard:

Christie: four dicks. Carson: a thousand pricks.

Gov. Christie said he stopped an attack on Fort Dix. Thought he said four dicks. #GOPDebate

"We stopped four dicks from..." Wait, what? Oh! Fort Dix! #GOPDebate

everyone in this room agrees he said "stop four dicks" not "stop fort dix"

My stream cut out again and I heard "stopped four dicks" #GOPDebate

Did Christie just say he stopped four dicks??? stf?

I swear it sounded like Christie said he stopped "four dicks" from being attacked. YOU AND ME BOTH, HONEY. #GOPDebate

The poll results were clear, four dicks it is!

Andrew Kaczynski / Via Twitter: @BuzzFeedAndrew