Eric Trump: My Dad Ran Because The White House Christmas Tree Is Now A “Holiday Tree”

It's still called the "National Christmas Tree."

Eric Trump, listing off reasons his father is running for president, said in an interview this week that one of the motivations was the renaming of the White House Christmas tree to the "holiday tree."

The tree placed on the White House lawn during the holiday season is still called the National Christmas Tree.

"He opens up the paper each morning and sees our nation’s leaders giving a hundred billion dollars to Iran, or he opens the paper and some new school district has just eliminated the ability for its students to say the pledge of allegiance, or some fire department in some town is ordered by the mayor to no longer fly the American flag on the back of a fire truck," Trump told James Robison in an interview posted this week.

"Or he sees the tree on the White House lawn has been renamed 'holiday tree' instead of 'Christmas tree,'" continued Trump. "I could go on and on for hours. Those are the very things that made my father run, and those are the very things he cares about."

Chain emails that began when President Obama took office falsely claimed that tree had been renamed. A tree on Capitol Hill was briefly called a "holiday tree" in the '90s, but the name was changed in 2005 at the direction of then-Speaker Dennis Hastert.

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