Enjoy This Video Of Mike Huckabee In A Wig And Dress Costume Singing Cher


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It was May 2010 and Mike Huckabee was in Las Vegas for a filming of his self-titled Fox News' Huckabee at The Venetian. The former Arkansas governor, who is now running for the Republican presidential nomination, also took on a different role that weekend: Cher puppet.

Huckabee took a trip that weekend to see Terry Fator, the Vegas performer who uses puppetry and impressions in his comedy routine. At the show, Huckabee was pulled on stage to the audience's delight and turned into a puppet for one Fator's acts.

Huckabee donned a wig, a costume of a dress, a puppet mascot, and was made to sing Sonny and Cher's hit song I Got You Babe.

Huckabee, who was a good sport about the whole thing, actually has a particular affection for Cher's Vegas show. In a book about his 2008 presidential campaign, Huckabee wrote that he was a fan of Cher in comments attacking his opponents for flip-flopping as fast as Cher can "change costumes in one of her many farewell tours." Huckabee writes he finds her show "an amazing blend of rock concert, circus and fashion show."

"I think Cher is on her third or fourth 'Farewell Tour' — saying good-bye is a hard thing to do, and frankly, it would be a shame if she did quit given that I have to admit that her show is an amazing blend of rock concert, circus and fashion show."

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