Donald Trump Was Praising Bill Clinton As A "Terrific Guy" As Recently As 2014

"He actually hits the ball very nicely."

Donald Trump calls former President Clinton "one of the worst abusers of women in U.S. history," but just two years ago, he was praising Clinton as a "terrific guy" with a nice golf swing.

In September of that year, in an appearance on ESPN radio, he said the former president was an underrated golfer.

"I've played with Bill Clinton a lot," Trump said on the Dan Le Batard Show. "He's a terrific guy. And, he's actually a very underrated golfer. He likes to play but he actually hits the ball very nicely."

Trump has a history of praising the Clintons, and even defended Bill Clinton publicly in the aftermath of the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Clinton still has a locker at Trump's golf course in Westchester County near the Clinton's upstate home.

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