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Democratic Senator Tim Kaine: Obama Administration's Strategy In Syria "A Joke"

"We haven't come up with a real strategy about what to do in respect to Syria."

Posted on October 9, 2015, at 1:21 p.m. ET

Mark Wilson / Getty Images

Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia told radio host John Fredericks on Thursday that the Obama administration's strategy in Syria is "a joke," and called for humanitarian zones to be set up inside the war-torn country.

"In Syria, the strategy's a joke. You know, we do these one off actions like trying to train 30 people and put them back into a roiling civil war involving millions, no surprise, they get swallowed up in the civil war, killed, or captured, or defect immediately."

Kaine said the one thing the U.S. does well is providing humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees, but added that the U.S. along with the rest of the Western world "haven't come up with a real strategy about what to do in respect to Syria."

Kaine said the best option was to set up humanitarian zones policed by the military inside the country for cross border delivery of humanitarian aid.

"As challenging as that will be, giving Syrians a place inside their own country where they can go and be protected is far preferable to millions and millions of them feeling that their only hope is to flee and go to other nations," Kaine said.

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