D.C. Staffers Turn To Craigslist To Score Their Government Shutdown Booty Calls

Government employees are ready to get their freak on. (NSFW-ish.)

Male, 30, from Virginia: He just wants to kiss.

Male, bi-curious, 46: She's looking for a couple to get down with.

Male, 30, muscle, government lawyer: He wants to grab a drink and complain about Ted Cruz. Also, sex.

Male, white, 33, muscle: He wants to relieve the shutdown stress.

Male, slim, interested in anything really: Looking for some pre-shutdown fun.

Male, wants no gag reflex, fond of including pictures of his penis: With the shutdown, he might be free all day.

Male, 39, looking for drinks "(and more?)": The shutdown might ruin his plan.

And, of course, the missed government shutdown connection...