David Duke: Trump Left The Door Open To Supporting My Candidacy

"So he did something, I think he felt like he did as much as he could do."


White nationalist and former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke says Donald Trump "did as much as he could" to leave the door open to supporting his Senate bid.

On Meet The Press on Sunday, Trump was asked if he would support a Democrat over Duke. Trump answered, "I guess, depending on who the Democrat, but the answer would be yes."

During his radio show on Monday, Duke noted that Trump didn't rule out support for his candidacy.

"'Would you vote for a Democrat against David Duke' and Trump says, 'well, I guess it depends who the Democrat will be so the answer is yes,'" Duke said. "You know, like maybe if there's a good Democrat. But that's not the answer they wanted and the headlines there were all over the place, you know, Trump basically said he could possibly vote, he could vote for David Duke if he was running against a liberal Democrat. So he did something, I think he felt like he did as much as he could do."

Duke said earlier in the program that he's never in his political career seen his support as high as it was when he announced his candidacy for Senate as a Republican last week.

"Since my declaration, I've never ever seen the level of overwhelming support in my whole political life as I received when I announced my candidacy for the United States Senate in Louisiana," Duke said.

Duke also reaffirmed his support for Trump in the broadcast.

"I said to my people that they should support Donald Trump, I believe that absolutely with all my heart today because we have no other alternative than Donald Trump and I think he's doing some great things for the party and for our people," said Duke.

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