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Clinton Communications Director: Private Email Accounts "A Distraction"

"We certainly have had headwinds this summer."

Posted on October 2, 2015, at 12:57 p.m. ET

Saul Loeb / AFP / Getty Images

The communications director for Hillary Clinton's campaign, Jennifer Palmieri, said in a radio interview on Friday that stories about Clinton's exclusive use of a private email server have been a "distraction," adding that Clinton was "moving on" to focus on "issues that we think people care about."

"We certainly have had headwinds this summer. Emails in particular has been a — it's been a distraction — we feel like — your listeners have heard her address that," Jennifer Palmieri said in a wide-ranging radio interview with NH Today on Friday.

"That's a problem that we take responsibility for, that she has apologized for," she continued. "And she's happy to answer questions. We're gonna go up before Congress to do that. But she's — but, you know, in terms of her focus, she's moving on and focusing on the issues that we think people care about."

Asked about a New York Times story that the Clinton campaign was "making a sudden and urgent effort to throw roadblocks into" Vice President Joe Biden's path to the Democratic nomination should he decide to run, Palmieri categorized the story as inaccurate.

"Our view was that was not reflects what is actually happening on our campaign," she said.

Still, Palmieri said Biden would be a strong opponent if he decides to enter.

"If he gets in, he's a sitting vice president, he'll be a major force, he's someone we have a lot of respect for and we will deal with that if it happens," she said.