Clinton Accusers Broaddrick, Wiley, Jones Give Joint Interview On Talk Radio

The three women recounted the allegations they've made previously in an interview with Sean Hannity's radio show.

Three women who have prominently in the past accused Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct gave a joint interview with conservative talk radio on Monday.

Speaking with the Sean Hannity show, Paula Jones, Kathleen Wiley, and Juanita Broaddrick recounted their past accusations against Bill Clinton, and what they allege was complicity from Hillary Clinton.

The interview is the first time all three had together discussed their accusations. During the interview, the women mentioned they had never met.

Earlier this year, NBC pursued a joint interview, according to a source. Broaddrick declined an interview then; a spokesperson for NBC News said an associate producer had spoke with her, but determined there wasn't anything new to the story, and stopped pursuing it.

In the Hannity interview, which lasted 30 minutes, all three discussed at length their allegations. Willey, the 1990s White House aide, said Bill Clinton assaulted her in 1993. Broaddrick discussed her claims Clinton sexually assaulted her in the 1970s in a local hotel. Paula Jones recounted the details of a case that, through a series of events, ultimately led to his impeachment as president of the United States.

Audio of Broaddrick from her first 1999 Dateline interview was used in a 20-second ad by Donald Trump targeting Bill Clinton on Monday. Trump mentioned Broaddrick's rape accusation against Clinton in a Fox News Hannity interview last week.

Broaddrick said discussing the claims was "too painful," and expressed gratitude from Trump for bringing up the accusations.

Jones, Wiley, and Broaddrick have recently begun giving numerous separate interviews as well in recent days.

The Clinton campaign has stated Trump is running a "campaign from the gutter" in response to Trump's statements.