Christie On Woman Who Died After Slow EMS Response: "It's Awful....I Can't Reverse Time"

The governor said all he can do now is apologize.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said the reports that a 91-year-old woman died due to an EMS delay caused by traffic from the closure of four lanes on the George Washington Bridge last September were "awful."

On Thursday, Christie said he had no knowledge of a staffer's plan to shut down lanes on the heavily trafficked bridge — in an apparent act of political retribution — after emails emerged showing top aides were involved in the lane closures.

"It's I've also seen conflicting reports of cause of death or whatever, but it doesn't matter. It's awful to hear," Christie said. "Listen, all I can do is apologize for the conduct of the people who worked for me. I can't do anything else. I can't reverse time. If I could, believe me, I would. But i'm just going to apologize. I think that's all you can do, and there's really nothing else you can do."

According to a report in The Record, it took EMS seven minutes to reach an unconscious 91-year-old woman who would later die of cardiac arrest at a hospital. An EMS coordinator could not, however, say the death was directly caused by the delays.

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