Ben Carson Operative Deletes Tweets Telling Obama To "Bend Over Bitch," Among Others

"I'm looking forward to McConnell shoving his fist up Obama's ass. Although, he will, no doubt, like it. #tcot"

The team building out Dr. Ben Carson's likely presidential campaign includes an operative who has recently deleted an entire Twitter account that often attacked President Obama, other Democrats, some other Republicans, and others with crude language.

The Carson exploratory team has been interviewing potential operatives in a wide range of states. One of the people on the effort, Jim Dornan, worked on the governmental affairs staff at the American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries and has plethora of Capitol Hill and campaign experience.

Dornan once operated a pseudo-anonymous Twitter account — which has since been deleted after BuzzFeed News asked about his tweets.

One tweet from Dornan referred to McConnell shoving his fist up Obama's butt. One tweet calls Ferguson protestors "thugs." Another calls Obama a "dipshit." One tweet calls Debbie Wasserman-Schultz a "pathetic excuse for a human being." Two tweets call Chris Matthews and the Huffington Post "aholes." Another tweet at Obama tells him to "bend over bitch."

What role Dornan is playing in the campaign is less clear. BuzzFeed News learned Dornan is the national field director for Carson's presidential exploratory committee.

"I do see the issue associated with his Twitter," a campaign spokesman said, but insisted the title of national field director was informal and the calls he was making on the behalf of the campaign to set up field operations were strictly on a volunteer basis. He admitted Dornan was paid for travel reimbursement costs for work for Carson's USA First PAC.

The likely campaign in recent weeks appears to be readying for work. Barry Bennett, a former Rob Portman aide hired to head the exploratory committee will start running the day-to-day operations of any potential Carson campaign with Steve Rubino (who National Review previously reported was Carson's ad man).

BuzzFeed News had also learned that Carson's longtime aide Terry Giles would be doing less day-to-day work saying, but the campaign disputed that characterization. "Terry Giles is active as ever. He's the chairman of the campaign. He's as active as he was two weeks ago," a committee spokesman told BuzzFeed News.

Here are the tweets.

On Obama getting a fist shoved up his butt:

@hardball_chris I'm looking forward to McConnell shoving his fist up Obama's ass. Although, he will, no doubt, like it. #tcot

@EWErickson @noprezzie2012 Cruz is all about money. He's the Soros of the far right. He doesn't give a damn about what's right.

On Ferguson:

On Obama being a "dipshit":

The only chickenshit in the Middle East crap is the dipshit in the WH. @BarackObama #tcot #Israel #Bibi #Netanyahu #Midterms2014 #Obama

On Debbie Wasserman-Schultz being a "pathetic excuse for a human being":

This pathetic excuse for a human being needs to crawl back into her hole. @DWStweets @michaelpfreeman @jjauthor

It's very obvious that the lawless rioters in Ferguson are simply criminals and this is no longer about the tragedy. #Ferguson

#HandsUpDontShoot Apparently, you whackjob lefties want law abiding people to give up their arms but the racist protesters can shoot at will

@HuffingtonPost Tough shit. You aholes starting the cheating, and now we'll use it against you. Hypocrites. #tcot #liberals #conservatives

On Chris Matthews being "a freaking moron" and an "ahole":

@hardball_chris you truly are a freaking moron. You lost. Deal. With. It. Ahole.

On Sen. Ted Cruz being an "idiot":

@SenTedCruz why are you trying to stop a bill that will pass while allowing 21 of Obama's judges to be confirmed? You're an idiot.

On Obama being responsible for anti-Semitic violence:

@GoldsteinBrooke @aaronrobinow We can thank Obama for these attacks.

The stupidity of Sarah Palin and the other idiots on the Far Right. Are they working to get Dems elected in Nov?

On Obama needing to "bend over, bitch":

@BarackObama Bend over, bitch. Castro's driving. #tcot

On author Stephen King being a "pretty sick fuck":

@StephenKing Ur a pretty sick fuck. We know that. Now you're an asshole too? Immorality and Stupidity make Stephen a dull boy

On not expecting anything from Obama but "whining and bitching":

Why did I expect anything from Obama but whining and bitching?

On Sen. Dick Durbin breeding "racist staffers':

@DickDurbin You must breed racist staffers b/c the "person" I had the displeasure of meeting yesterday who worked 4u is a bad human being

On how he's " beginning to think this President is a complete sociopath":

I'm beginning to think this President is a complete sociopath. #Obama

On Ferguson, the "racists lying about what happened in MO":

Americans dying in the Middle East. Racists lying about what happened in MO. What to do? Go back to the lefties in Martha's Vineyard

On "clueless moron" Obama:

@ABC What a clueless moron our President is

On the Dallas Cowboys:

@dallascowboys you are an embarrassing piece of shit of a football team. A d3 team could beat your fucking sorry asses. #DallasCowboys

On Democratic congressional candidate John Foust being "a complete douchebag":

@johnfoustva You're a complete douchebag #fraud

On the Sony hack:

@SonyPictures What a bunch of pussies. Hahahahahahaha! #SonyHack #Sony #tcot

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