The 49 Best Tweets From Donald Trump Jr.

Musings on weed, Jerry Sandusky, and flaming dog poo.

Donald Trump Jr., the son of Ivana and Donald Trump, was a star on The Apprentice and is a vice president at the Trump Organization. Since the start of the presidential campaign, DJT Jr. has acted as a surrogate for his father, with appearances on cable news, in Iowa, and on the radio.

He also maintains a healthy presence on Twitter, offering his thoughts on a variety of topics.

Here's a sampling of his best tweets, some of which have since been deleted but are preserved here for posterity:

1. On Jerry Sandusky (just deleted):

Would it be inappropriate to say we should send Jerry Sandusky to a women's prison where he would likely enjoy himself a lot less?


For those who didn't love my War Horse friends w benefits tweet, I was just horsing around... Um but not like Sandusky...

3. On Billy Madison (just deleted):

@_BillyMadison what about flaming dog ___ and the human response?

4. On men on their phone's at the urinal (note this tweet was deleted):

5. On being a "boob guy":

If ur a boob guy this whole lactation thing is amazing the sports bra the wife is wearing is losing the containment battle!!!

6. On Rep. Maxine Watters (sic) looking "like a stripper":

Whats w bedazzled red cowboy hat Maxine Watters is wearing criticizing T party? Easier 2 take u seriously when u dont look like a stripper;)

7. On bitches:

Wow russell simmons, that's a pretty cool mentor. Did DJT just call the women bitches? So funny, forgot that happened when we filmed.

8. On Internet pussies:

@Jerry131212 well I guess we lost your vote and that of your 0 followers. If u want to criticize don't hide behind a ghost account pussy!

A collection on why he's fat:


This is why I'm fat... The queso fountain at @TrumpNationalNY's #CincoDeMayo party.


Now that's an order of shortribs. This is why I'm fat. #FlintstonesPortion


This is why I'm fat: fried pickles fried green tomatoes chicken fried steak and ribs. Date night


Time for this weeks installment if this is why I'm fat!!! Finished it all!


No matter how fat I get its amazing that my grandmother still always tells me I'm too skinny. "Eat you're growing u need to eat!"


This is why I'm fat!!! Steak and eggs baby... Awesome breakfast in the Catskills


Time for this weeks installment of this is why I'm fat. Buffalo turkey wings here in NC.


Today's installment of this is why I'm fat. This pork shank is bigger than my head.

On hair:



I love when @realDonaldTrump talks about hair esp his!!! Its a Samson thing. ;)

19. On....not sure:

Can I pretend to be? @clayaiken: Eric Don't be jealous that gay guys get to stick our hands up women's shirts like that with no issue!

20. On gay rights:

I don't get all the fuss here in NY about Gay Marriage. If I have to suffer through marriage why shouldn't they! ;)


“@jwt19723: @DonaldJTrumpJr I don't like you Donald Jr. You are for freaking Gay rights. I like you Daddy, but not you.” You're an idiot!

22. On attending baby showers:

At Vanessa's baby shower. Last time I was in a room with so many women there was a disco ball and a main stage if u know what I mean ;)

23. On why he's sexy:

Years and years of practice "@Danielle_Dmc: @DonaldJTrumpJr How did you get to be so sexy?! #GodBless"

On weed:


Apparently Colorado's legalized weed is a lot better than Washington's?!?! This need further study.


@DanFarfan within reason yes, if the legalized pot and taxed it well it would prob prevent a lot of other crime and raise money.

On anyone who uses poor spelling or grammar:


@Wongy19 its YOU'RE you fricken moron. Graduate first grade or learn basic grammar before mocking others. Idiot!


@teapartydem If u don't like it don't follow me. Also learn to spell so u don't look like an ignorant fool: MiLLion and damN!!! Moron


@HappyLilDevil moron u missed the "quotes" it was his line not mine. Of course he could have gone


I'd like 2 thank the moron who keeps trying 2 make fun of my friends w unintelligible grammar etc... U make my cyber life worth living! ;)


@MatthewMHorne & YOU'RE a moron. Your is possessive "your a joke" makes no sense When trying 2 insult others don't look dumb in the process


@jenniferpaige1 thanks u should read the tweet from the one moron who said I had no idea what went into it. What an idiot. ;)


@BrianSMcDonald i dont have a chef either when i need to lose weight i exercise and eat less moron its not exactly rocket science


@b_rad_coggins20 really? If they spend it on illegal drugs do they need those to live? Welfare is not a livelihood moron


@Napua17 thanks everyone is entitled to an opinion but when you try to insult someone u should at least not look like a moron in the process


@LIKayLGM no not at all some points are hard to make in 140 characters so u have to abbreviate and use faulty grammar to get it out in 1 twt


@romerepublic first of all it's you're not your u idiot. 2nd I'm not the 1 hiding. Also learn basic grammar before talking smack. Too easy!


@xMetsmatician nice try moron, you really need to learn basic grammar. 's is not is its possessive also as not of etc...


@AcePersona It's you're not your you idiot! Perhaps learn 3rd grade grammar before futilely attempting to mock others.


@bearswin11 You need to work on your grammar. Clearly you are not too bright.


@Hollywood_Mama I don't correct spelling, just grammar when people insult me and prove they are idiots with their 1st grade writing skills


I'd like 2 thank the moron who keeps trying 2 make fun of my friends w unintelligible grammar etc... U make my cyber life worth living! ;)


@BrookePenman ha wasn't spelling but grammar/ word order ;) now we r even


@kmboom73 yea I know trying to read all the tweets from followers and watch the show ant type I just let spelling and grammar go.


@kanopalmer No, and you need to seriously work on your spelling.


But he admits he's not perfect:


@Boomerbrs yea I'm better at math ;) spelling has never been a strong point for me


@BrianTooFlyy twitter is not for diction, grammar, punctuation and clearly not for spelling at least not in my case;)!


@kmboom73 yea I know trying to read all the tweets from followers and watch the show ant type I just let spelling and grammar go.

49. On the best tweet ever (maybe):

“@GSElevator: Can we please stop calling them 'hipsters' and go back to calling them 'pussies?" Maybe The Best Tweet Ever?!?!

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