Ben Carson: I'd Be Never Trump Too If Election Stakes Weren't So High

"For me, it's about the children and the grandchildren."

Ben Carson said in a radio interview last week that his support for Donald Trump is purely pragmatic, adding that he wouldn't support Trump if the stakes in the election were not so high.

"It was pragmatism, recognizing that John Kasich cannot win without a brokered convention — which would guarantee a Democrat win — and recognizing that Ted Cruz can bring conservatives but will have a very difficult time bringing moderates and Democrats," Carson said on Kelley and Kafer. "I think that will be pretty much a guaranteed loss also. So in terms of who can potentially win, I think that would be Donald Trump. When I look at the consequences of not winning, it's too horrible to even think about."

Later, Carson told host Krista Kafer, who said she will not support Trump if he's the nominee, that he would share her view if the stakes of the election for future generations weren't so high.

"For me, it's about the children and the grandchildren," said Carson. "If it was just me, I would be completely where Krista is. I would say, 'hey, I got this,I can deal with it,' but for them, I can't."

Earlier, when Kafer said Trump was a bad man, Carson said we all are.

"Who isn't? Who among us isn't?" asked Carson.

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