Beheaded American Journalist Featured Heavily In Series Of Political Ads Targeting Democrats

The group running the ads, Secure America Now, is a conservative national security nonprofit.

James Foley, the American journalist murdered by ISIS militants, makes a cameo in a series of web ads from the Secure America Now, a right-wing nonprofit national security organization that lists on its advisory board people like former Gov. Mike Huckabee and Ambassador John Bolton.

The advertisements target Democrats running in competitive midterm elections.

Secure America Now bills themselves as a "nonpartisan voice and platform to those who share our national security concerns."

The new advertisements are part of "the launch of a new advocacy campaign in Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, Michigan, and New Hampshire."

It is clear if the advertisement are running on TV or are Internet-only.

Foley was beheaded in the video, "A Message to America," posted by ISIS militants in August.

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