Barbara Boxer Has More Analysis Of Why Young People Support Bernie Sanders

"However, my point is, young people, they want to be aspirational."

California Sen. Barbara Boxer, who last week said young people support Bernie Sanders because he reminds them of their grandpa, continued her analysis of Sanders supporters this week, saying in a radio interview that she believes young people are "taken" with Bernie Sanders' lofty policy proposals.

"I think that Bernie has put out a wish list of things that I think that they're about $19, $20 trillion of things he wants to do," Boxer said Tuesday on the The Leonard Lopate Show on WNYC. "Bernie has put out proposals that add up to about $20 trillion. To put that in perspective, that is larger than the national debt. So you have to ask yourself, to yourself, 'how are we going to pay for this?' Bernie's answer is always, 'the billionaires, the billionaires.' So, I looked up how many billionaires there are — 500 approximately in America. You can't do it. You have to go after the middle class people, cause that's where the majority, that's where the dollars are."

"It's not going to be possible to do everything he says. However, my point is, young people, they want to be aspirational," Boxer continued. "And, I understand it. And, frankly, if Bernie and his people would now, it seems to me, start to find where they agree with Hillary and they can build a wonderful platform, they can work together, it's a positive. But I understand why young people were taken with that."

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