Barbara Boxer: Hillary Clinton Is Authentically "WASPy"

"Finally, I met one I adore."

Sen. Barbara Boxer, a Hillary Clinton supporter, is seeking to dispel with the notion that Clinton is inauthentic, describing Clinton in an audio recording uploaded on Friday as "WASPy" and having a "Midwest authenticity."

"You know, people say, they say to me, 'you're so authentic, and Hillary's not authentic.' No, it's not true," Boxer said in an author discussion for her new memoir uploaded on Friday. "I'm authentic. I'm from Brooklyn. This is my life. So is Bernie. I can't see Hillary saying, 'it's gonna be yuge.' It's not her. Her authenticity is Midwest authenticity. Her authenticity is being a policy wonk and working for us. She's a work horse, not a show horse. She's not good at giant rallies. She's good just talking to a small group, cause she's interested in getting things done."

"Her authenticity is she doesn't backslap," Boxer added. "This is not her way. And I think we have to start saying she's authentically a caring human being who wants to work for us."

Boxer then described Clinton as "WASPy" (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant).

"I think we should take that quote-unquote 'negative' that people say, 'she's not authentic.' She is authentic. Hillary is Hillary and she's not gonna become a cheerleader with pom-poms or you know, she's not Barbara Boxer. You know, she didn't grow up in Brooklyn, like I did. She's different. She's WASPy. Finally, I met one I adore."

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