Republican Congressman Says It Doesn't Matter If Bowe Bergdahl's Health Was In Jeopardy

"I'm tired of this crap," Rep. Aaron Schock says.

Republican Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock had harsh words for the Obama administration over the Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl deal, in an interview with WTAD AM 930 in Illinois Wednesday.

"I'm tired of this crap," Schock says late in the interview. "I'm tired of the Obama administration walking out when there's a crisis and there's a scandal and saying, 'Oh, we just learned about this. We just learned about this on the news.' Hogwash. I'm tired of them walking out when he can't defend what they just did and saying, 'Well, okay there's maybe more to the story, don't rush to judgement.'"

Schock said he didn't need to know anymore information about Bergdahl and said it didn't matter if his health was at risk.

"I don't need to know more to this story. The guy deserted his post. He put his comrades in harm and people died trying to get his butt back, okay? That is a court-martial-able offense. It's a crime, it's against the oath that he takes when he's sworn-in as a member of our armed forces and he needs to be held accountable. His bad behavior does not need to be reward and quite frankly I don't need to know more information about whether his health might have been in jeopardy or not."

Here's the full video of the interview:

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