6 Mind-Blowingly Ridiculous Conspiracy Theories Surrounding The Boston Bombing

The tragic bombing in Boston a week ago has set off speculation and claims of conspiracy from a variety of sites.

6. The Bomb Squad Knew of the Attack in Advance

5. Navy SEALs/Craft International/Blackwater Spotted at the Marathon Finish


According to websites like Infowars, BlogDogCicle, Before It's News, Dexus Nexus, and dozens of YouTube accounts, internet "sleuthing" has discovered that there were "individuals spotted wearing backpacks, a similar cap, and similar pants (and boots) at the Boston Marathon." The sites speculate that these men were part of a group called "Craft International," a private defense company founded by deceased former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. The conspiracy sites say the men appear unfazed by the bombing and have backpacks similar to those used in the explosion. The video above is a C-SPAN caller over the weekend bringing up the claims.

4. The Facebook Page Created Before the Bombing

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One theory that has been popularized by the YouTube channel "StormCloudsGathering" is that a Facebook page was created before the bombing. This has been being used as proof that it was part of some sort of conspiracy — but in reality, you can change Facebook group names after they have been created.

3. The Sandy Hook Principal Was at the Boston Bombing

2. The Tsarnaev Brothers Were Double Agents

1. The Saudi National Who's Being Deported/Ties to al-Qaeda/Michelle Obama Visited

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