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37 Photos Of Presidents Bro-ing Out

From Truman to Obama, so much bro.

Posted on June 18, 2013, at 3:16 p.m. ET

1. Harry Truman sunbathing on the presidential yacht during his vacation in Bermuda:

2. Harry Truman sightseeing while on his yacht during his Bermuda vacation:

3. Richard Nixon and Dwight Eisenhower sharing a moment at Camp David:

4. John F. Kennedy chilling on a boat off Cape Cod:


5. John F. Kennedy and his family driving along Cape Cod in a golf cart:

6. John F. Kennedy relaxing while watching a boating race in Hyannis Port:

7. John F. Kennedy and his son John Jr. sitting in a boat:

8. Lyndon B. Johnson throwing some balls around in a swimming pool:


9. Lyndon B. Johnson singing with his dog and grandson:

10. Lyndon B. Johnson hanging out with his dog and grandson in a swimming pool:

11. Lyndon B. Johnson showing the daughter of a White House staffer a basket of puppies:

12. Richard Nixon bowling in the White House bowling alley:


13. Richard Nixon driving a boat:

14. Richard Nixon buzzing around in a golf cart:

15. Richard Nixon playing the piano at a White House reception:

16. Gerald Ford and his dog, Liberty, having some fun in the Oval Office:


17. Gerald Ford hitting the slopes:

18. Gerald Ford golfing next to Marine One:

19. Gerald Ford taking a dip in the White House swimming pool in front of reporters:

20. Jimmy Carter fishing in Georgia:


21. Jimmy Carter riding a horse:

22. Ronald Reagan petting his dog after getting off Marine One:

23. Ronald Reagan getting meaty:

24. Ronald Reagan hanging with his wife while dressed up as Santa Claus:


25. Ronald Reagan celebrating St. Patrick's Day:

26. George H.W. Bush fishing with his sons George W. and Jeb:

27. George H.W. Bush hunting at his ranch:

28. George H.W. Bush sledding at Camp David with his daughter:


29. Bill Clinton taking his cat, Socks, for a walk:

30. Bill Clinton going for a fun jog with a foreign dignitary:

31. Bill Clinton eating some fast food:

32. George W. Bush fishing with his daughter Barbara while wearing a dog hat:


33. George W. Bush throwing out the first pitch in the 2001 World Series:

34. George W. Bush chilling with his dog Barney in a golf cart:

35. President Obama trying to block a shot during a basketball game:

36. President Obama jumping around during a trip to the Middle East:

37. President Obama skeet shooting at Camp David:

All photos via The National Archives unless otherwise cited.