33 Beautiful Vintage Portraits Of America's Immigrant Past From Ellis Island

The Senate approved comprehensive immigration reform Thursday by a 68–32 vote count and the legislation now moves to the House. The bill would legalize millions of current undocumented immigrants. Here are some photos of immigrants from the early 1900s courtesy of the the New York Public Libary's digital collections.

1. A German stowaway

2. A Greek Orthodox priest

3. A Bavarian man

4. Two Romanian women

5. A man whose descent was not identified, possibly Russian

6. A Guadeloupean woman

7. Three Scottish boys

8. A Dutch woman

9. A Danish man

10. Three Russian Cossacks

11. A Ruthenian woman

12. A Slovak woman with her child

13. Another man whose descent was not identified, possibly Russian

14. A Romanian man

15. Several Romani people

16. An Albanian soldier

17. A Greek woman

18. A Greek man

19. An Italian woman

20. An Algerian man

21. An Indian boy

22. Three women from Guadeloupe

23. A Romani family

24. Three Dutch women

25. Two pipers

26. An Italian woman

27. A Turkish man

28. An Algerian man

29. Two Lapland children, possibly from Sweden or Finland

30. A Romanian shepherd

31. A Czech-Slovak grandmother

32. A Jewish immigrant

33. A Bavarian man