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31 Completely Normal Things Mitt Romney Did After Losing The Election

The candidate’s daughter-in-law has run an active mommy blog for years and it's full of shots of how the former Massachusetts governor spent his time after losing the 2012 election.

Posted on January 14, 2015, at 5:10 p.m. ET

Mitt Romney Facebook

1. He attended his son and daughter-in-law's 10 year wedding anniversary in San Diego, California. It was in an airplane hanger.

2. Prior to the party, he hosted everyone attending the party at his beach house, where he and his wife provided lunch and everyone went swimming in ocean and played volleyball. He danced.

3. He and Ann hosted Craig and Mary and their kids for a weekend of skiing.

4. He attended a birthday brunch for the first birthday of for two of his grandchildren.

5. He visited Hawaii with his family, where he posed for some family photos and went sailing on a boat.

7. He visited the city of Cusco in Peru.

8. He visited a charity clinic, which performed eye surgeries.

9. He watched a cataracts surgery.

10. He visited a school in a Peruvian village in the mountains, where the charity helped give out glasses for those with eye problems.

11. He watched children in the town perform dances.

12. He met a small child.

13. He held hands with a small child in another small village they visited to help people get their eyes checked.

14. He visited Machu Picchu.

15. He hosted his family at his New Hampshire home.

16. He set up a crib in his New Hampshire home for his grandchildren.

17. He took a group photo with his family.

18. He ate lunch with his family at a big picnic table.

19. He went to the New Hampshire town's 4th of July parade.

20. He looked at a small butterfly his grandchild caught.

21. He participated in something called the "3rd annual lumberjack games."

22. He made some ice cream by hand with his grandchildren.

23. He ate some pizza with his grandchildren.

24. He went sailing on a boat with Ann.

25. He lounged at the beach.

26. He posed for a photo at the beach with some girls in San Diego.

27. He watched his grandchildren jump rope at the beach in San Diego.

28. He hung out by a pool.

29. He visited Los Angeles and played what appeared to be Connect Four with his grandkids.

30. He opened Christmas presents with his grandkids.

31. He saw a movie and posed for a photo with a group of women.