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24 Fees Mitt Romney Tried To Raise In Massachusetts

Mitt Romney often hits President Obama for calling for tax increases on the wealthiest Americans. But a Democratic source forwards to this rather lengthy list of fees Romney raised in Massachusetts. He was struggling to close a budget gap without raising taxes; but many of which citizens of the state saw them hidden tax increases nonetheless.

Posted on June 20, 2012, at 12:30 a.m. ET

1. A Fee on the Blind

Romney attempted to impose a $10 fee for a state certificate of blindness and $15 for a photo id card, but the Legislature got rid of the plans.

2. A Fee for the Mentally Handicapped

Romney proposed a fee on mentally retarded citizens of $100 to pay for an intake assessment at the Department of Mental Retardation. The assessment was previously free. The test was to determine their eligibility for state services. The legislature rejected Romney's proposed fee.

3. A Fee for Having Tuberculosis

Romney proposed a $50 fee for tuberculosis tests and wanted to charge a $400 fee if the person tested positive.

4. A Fee on Volunteer Firefighters and EMTs

Romney proposed a $100 biannual fee on first responders for the ability to flash their vehicles lights. Romney doubled fees for the certification of EMTs from $75 to $150 per person. The cost of certifying an ambulance equipped for basic life support doubled from $200 to $400.

5. A Fee for Golfing

Romney attempted to raise golf season passes from $50 to $150. Daily golfing fees went from from $17 to $22 for 18 holes, and from $15 to $17 for nine holes.

6. A Fee for Cremating the Dead / Via

Romney increased the fee for a cremation inspection from $50 to $75.

7. A Fee for Prison Phone Calls

Romney proposed increasing the charge for an inmate to make a phone call from 86 cents to $2.

8. A Fee for Driving Permits

Romney proposed an increase in the drivers permit fee that would double the cost from $15 to $30.

9. Romney Quadrupled Gun Fees

Romney proposed raising the gun licensing fee from $25 to $75. The state legislature increased to $100.

10. A Fee on Cottages

The Romney administration doubled the fee to use a cottage in a state park from the price originally set in 1989.

11. A Fee on Ice Skaters

The Romney administration raised hourly group skating fees at some ice rinks, which went from $15 and $40.

12. A Fee for Barbers

Romney increased the fee for a master barber license application from $38 to $57 and the fee to renew a barber's license from $45 To $68.

13. A Fee on Hairdressers

Romney increased the fee for a hairdresser shop license application from $75 to $113.

14. A Fee on Nurses.

Romney increased the fee for a nursing application from $75 to $100.

15. A Fee on Pharmacists.

Romney increased the fee for a pharmacist license application from $56 to $75.

16. A Fee on Plumbers.

Romney increased the fee on a master plumber's license from $45 to $68.

17. A Fee on Psychologists

Romney increased the fee for a psychologist license from $100 to $150 in 2003.

18. A Fee on Realtors

Romney increased the fee to get a real estate salesman license from $18 to $27 and the fee to renew a license from $45 to $68.

19. A Fee on Home Inspectors

Romney increased the fee for a home inspector license from $225 to $338 and increased the renewal fee from $150 to $225.

20. A Fee on Auto Repair Shops / Via

Romney increased the fee for a motor vehicle repair shop license from $100-a-year to $450 for a three year license.

21. A Fee for Divorce / Via

Romney increased the fee for filing for divorce from $140 to $200.

22. A Fee for Changing Your Name / Via

Romney increased the fee to change your name from $70 to $150.

23. A Fee on Milk

Romney increased the fee for milk laboratory certificate from $75 t0 $150.

24. A Fee on Funeral Directors

Romney increased the fee to renew a funeral directors license from $56 To $84.