12 Photos Of Fox News Chief Roger Ailes As A Young Man

The head of Fox News has been involved in media and acting since his high school days in Warren, Ohio and college days as a student at Ohio University.

12. Ailes was chosen as the member of his high school who was "best representing the spirit of Christmas."

11. Ailes in Alpha Epsilon Rho, the media honor society at Ohio University.

10. Ailes on the radio staff of WOUB, Athens, Ohio's public broadcasting station.

9. Ailes in Alpha Epsilon Rho a different year.

8. Ailes posing for a photo as a member of WOUB-TV's staff.

7. Ailes' college senior year yearbook photo.

6. The WOUB radio staff photo from another year.

5. Ailes as sophomore in an Air Force ROTC photo. He would drop out for medical reasons.

4. Ailes in a Warren High School play put on by the school drama club.

3. Ailes' Warren High School senior yearbook photo.

2. Ailes in a drama club group photo.

1. Ailes being honored as a top member of the school drama club.

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