Kids Are Creating Masterpieces While At Home During the Quarantine

“Most of the people were piling up toiletries and toilet paper, but we had half a shopping cart full of small canvases for her.”

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Let’s face it: Now that we’re home, we’re all trying to find something to do in our spare time whether that's hopping on a new TikTok trend, trying new recipes, or getting engrossed in a new video game (I’m looking at you, Animal Crossing).

One thing that some kids are doing to pass time is expressing themselves through various forms of art. Paintings, drawings, sculptures — you name it and they’ve done it. Some of them are even using their drawings to communicate with each other through windows.

We asked parents to send in some of the art their children are making while in quarantine. Here are just some of the brilliant pieces we received.

Hesa, 9 — Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

“When me and my wife went out to buy groceries, most of the people were piling up toiletries and toilet paper, but we had half a shopping cart full of small canvases for her... She always liked to draw and paint, but because we are staying more at home than usual she’s now really coming into it. They have online school and everything, but the moment it’s finished, she’s back at the table [doing art].” —Milad, Hesa's dad

“I just started doing random doodles until I started doing canvases which is really fun for me because I like doing the blending." —Hesa

Melanie, 10 — Los Angeles

“We don’t typically do [family art night], but since we’re in the quarantine, we figured it’s finally time to just connect and come together as a family and just bond a little bit more. We are huge TV and pop culture fans and we love Queer Eye, and we chose our idol, Jonathan, because we love him. We’re thinking of doing family art nights once a week and inviting my dad and our brother next time!" —Valerie, Melanie's sister

Nia, 12 — Bolingbrook, Illinois

“She has always had a creative side. She loves colors and pastels and can really envision putting them on something tangible that she can display in her space. She had a basic black wallet she painted to make it fun and colorful. She did the same with her trash can! She also is super into memes, especially SpongeBob so one of her art pieces was from that as well.” —Krystal, Nia's mom

Sophia, 9, Silver, 5, and Simon, 4 — Roswell, Georgia

"My kids are generally into art. Their school has a robust art program and they encourage the kids to use art in all areas of learning, so it's a familiar means of expression and entertainment for them, even before being home. Sophia lives to craft. No recyclable or craft supply is safe from being repurposed around her. Silver loves to draw and color. Simon likes the idea of art, but is still prone to unsanctioned artistic expression in unapproved places, so we have to be a little more careful about directing him carefully. But [art] is definitely encouraged and our kitchen table sees more art projects than meals most weeks!" —Sophia, Silver, and Simon's mom, Susan

Sophia, 18 — New Egypt, New Jersey

“The silver lining in staying home, other than preventing the spread of the virus, is that I have a lot more time to spend more time with my family. I also have more time to spend on drawing, one of the few things that gives me peace and distracts me from the negative feelings that the threat of the virus causes... I think I have a soft spot for drawing people. Whether it's myself, or someone's [Dungeons & Dragons] character, I feel that expressions in the face and body are effective ways to not only make people understand what I'm drawing but maybe make them laugh or simply feel something." —Sophia

Ellie, 6 — Ohio

"Ellie has been a big coloring crafting girl for a few years. She has her own craft bin with a few books of crafts that we do from time to time. But anytime she does anything art related it always seems to be for someone else. Whether she colored a picture at school or is creating a holiday craft at home, she always wants to give it to her mom, or send one to her cousins, or take a picture to send to one of her three grandmas, or even for our cat, Winnie. She is very giving in that way!" —Jason, Ellie's dad

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