Here Are Some Of The Best Tweets About The Presidential Debate In South Carolina

"How is this debate both so full of yelling and insults and simultaneously so boring?"

The Democratic presidential debate in Charleston on Tuesday was the last one before voters head to the polls in South Carolina on Saturday, and then in multiple states next week.

And although Michael Bloomberg is not on the ballot in South Carolina, much of the evening's debate focused on him and his record during his time as mayor of New York, in his second debate appearance since joining the race.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, the frontrunner in the race and winner of the Nevada caucus over the weekend, was also frequently the target of his rivals, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren got in some zingers against Bloomberg. But it wasn't as spicy as last week's debate (no open warfare between Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar).

Twitter still came through with some good tweets that were critical of the CBS debate moderators, the messy format, and all the yelling:


Tonight, ahead of the #DemDebate, I slipped this note into @JoeBiden’s jacket pocket without him knowing. ❤️ Jill



First 5 minutes we've gotten Russiagate, Bernie Bros, Bernie loves guns, Bernie is divisive, and insufficiently loyal to Obama. All the greatest hits. #demdebate



My favorite line from the #DemDebate2020 tonight so far comes from Amy Klobuchar, "We need to start moving forward - as Martin Luther King said..." LOL


Damn, Elizabeth Warren is doing a colonoscopy on Michael Bloomberg without anesthesia. #DemocraticDebates


“I’m sorry if she heard what she thought she heard” is a classic of the genre


Are there any moderators here?? HELLOOOOOOO #DemDebate


How is this debate both so full of yelling and insults and simultaneously so boring?


My TV volume is at 6 and it’s still too loud


My daughter is v annoyed by the debate: "It is TOO LOUD some of us are trying TO READ"


This debate hurts my uncle dick in the deer stand.


me reconciling my impulse to post a thirst trap with the fact that i know my boss will probably see it


Elizabeth Warren pulling out receipts on Bloomberg funding Republicans. #DemDebate



You want to talk gun violence and school shootings from a Veteran’s perspective? Right here. 👋🏻 WHS class of 2000. I remember Columbine. My school was threatened. Active duty Army 2000-2003 May 18, 2018 my child was murdered at school.


It costs between $1,750 to $3,200 for each person to attend the #DemDebate in South Carolina tonight This explains why the audience keeps applauding the most right-wing talking points


“We have time for one more commercial break.” #DemDebate


I fell asleep during the last half of the debate but I have a feeling I didn't miss anything. #DemDebate

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