Tell Us The Most Disgusting Thing Your Rich Pals Have Done During The Pandemic

We’ve learned a surprising amount about each other this past year, and we want to hear your stories.

By now, who doesn’t have a friend with a secret summer house?

Or perhaps colleagues whose Zoom backgrounds change depending on which vacation home they are staying in. Maybe you saw one of your cousins post “close friends” Instagram stories of their private jet ride to a luxury international resort where they could vacation with no mask on.

Or watched fellow parents fit out school rooms in giant houses and hire private tutors while you try to balance online school with two kids on an old iPad during your workday. It may be simply seeing someone reliant on delivery drivers for every meal refuse to tip them.

At this point, we know the pandemic reflects all the differences in our society — and money is entangled with it all. We want to hear about surprising displays of wealth that you’ve personally seen that have made you lose the last remaining scraps of your pandemic patience. Tell us all about it here. We may contact you to be featured in a future BuzzFeed News story

People lost their minds when Kim Kardashian West had a birthday party on a private island, but it’s a different type of frustration when the clueless rich person is family or a friend. So spill.

(And if you’re the rich friend who knows they’ve lived a very different pandemic life than a lot of people, feel free to contact this reporter at

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