People Are Tweeting Photos Of All The Weird Stuff At Their Parents' House After Thanksgiving

Big bowls of seashells in bathrooms. Cupboards full of clown dolls. What weird items do your folks have in their home?

Being home for the holidays often means returning to childhood homes that haven't changed for decades.

To celebrate this special ritual, Cards Against Humanity's Jenn Bane did a Thanksgiving call out on Thursday for people to tweet pictures of the weird things they spotted while gathering to eat at their folks' home.

Please show me pictures of weird stuff in your parents house

To get things going, Jenn asked for decor along the lines of "seashells in the bathrooms"...

I want to see the seashells in the bathrooms people

I mean, who says you need to live near the beach to have seashells? In lots of little bowls? In every room?

And lots of people immediately delivered shells-in-a-bowl-in-the-bathroom content.

Karen Cravens posted a photo of her mother-in-law's glorious guest bathroom in Maize, Kansas, which has a hunting and fishing theme.

@jenndangerous I had to make a composite to get both Billy Bass and Talking Buck in. This is the guest bath.

"Mother-in-law collected cat figurines and open salt cellars, and decided her husband put up with all of that around the house so she surprised him by redecorating the guest bath so that could reflect *his* interests," she explained to BuzzFeed News.

"In any case, it didn't start out nearly like that but, well, once you have something like that, everybody has to add their bit," she said.

Another person's guest bathroom has more of a judgmental, religious theme.

@jenndangerous @jedikermit This is written on the mirror in the guest bathroom

Well, did you?

Bathrooms seemed a popular weird option, such as this person who has a canvas of their sister next to the toilet.

@jenndangerous I’m assuming it’s cool to show you weird stuff I’VE given them … like this canvas print of my sister…

Speaking of toilets, another Twitter user posted a photo of...whatever this is.

We're all hoping it's not from humans.

One person shared a photo of their family's cherished coconut mouse.

@jenndangerous GOTCHU. It’s a mouse made out of a coconut and some shells and it’s in the actual living room with t…

"It's in the actual living room with the nice art."

Another posted the charming painted ceramic turtle wearing a cowboy hat they gave their lucky mom once.

@jenndangerous The turtle planter that I picked out for Mother’s Day when I was 6.

While someone else shared this....devil baby.

@jenndangerous @DanielSolis My mother made a thing.

Another person posted a photo of a 1994-era painting of Jesus with a baby lamb.

@jenndangerous @emayfarris GQ Jesus. Preventing procreation in the guest room since 1994.

Honestly not sure why sexy Jesus isn't encouraging procreation in the guest bedroom...

Another shared tea towels with sex jokes.

Is this at grandma's house?

Another noted that their relatives have a ~lot~ of lighting options in their living areas.

@jenndangerous 15 lamps across two adjacent rooms. If you count the mini-lamp “chandelier,” it comes to a whopping…

If Chip and Joanna have taught me anything, it's that multiple lighting options are required.

And even though it might be a little early for Christmas, one person posted a photo of a Santa statue...with some stumpy feet.

Apparently, "You can press a button and in a scary gravelly old man voice he says 'Soak soak soak my aching feet' and the legs/feet move up and down," so at least now you won't sleep tonight.

One user noted that her parents had an "Egg Room."

@jenndangerous I can keep going pretty endlessly, really. Here is The Egg Room.

While this person posted a photo of his stepdad's not-terrifying-at-all clown figurine collection.

@jenndangerous My Step-dad's clown collection

Happy Thanksgiving to all the parents out there with their unique sense of decor!

@TheTimeWaffle @jenndangerous Oh my god!

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