My Favorite Parts Of The 2021 Internet

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This week I’ve been editing the 32 Most Defining Memes of 2021, our annual opus by Julia Reinstein (and this year cowritten with our own Ikran Dahir), and it’s made me reflect on this year of internet culture.

Instagram turned into photo dumps — dozens of carefully curated photos of and by people pretending they were not carefully curating their lives — and “adding yours” to whatever is the prompt of the day. Audio also continued to dominate, whether it was Twitter’s attempt to rip off Clubhouse with Twitter Spaces or Hinge adding an audio feature to profiles (wild) or just how certain sounds took over TikTok and our brains for weeks on end. We wanted to look expensive and not cheugy and break our story into multiple videos to make sure everyone followed us.

Each person lives on their own internet — with their own communities, interests, memes, influencers, and aesthetics — and so I wanted to share some of my personal faves from my 2021 internet with you:

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