Is This Your First Time Protesting?

Have you had a political awakening in recent weeks? Is it your first time marching on the streets or thinking about your privilege? We want to hear your stories.

Hundreds of thousands of people in cities around the world have gathered in recent weeks to protest police brutality and support the Black Lives Matter movement. Books about anti-racism and white privilege have been selling out, social media is full of lists of Black-owned businesses to support, and bail funds have been inundated with millions of dollars in donations.

Are you someone who has had a political awakening in recent weeks? Perhaps you’re protesting for the first time — or getting engaged on a much deeper level? Have you had difficult conversations with white friends about their racist behavior (or had to examine your own)? Maybe you're donating money and contacting political representatives for the first time.

BuzzFeed News is looking for a wide range of people who are willing to share how the Black Lives Matter protests have changed their politics and political engagement.

Please fill out this form in as much detail as you feel comfortable sharing (or email us at We will not publish this information without your consent, but we may follow up to see if you’d like to be featured in a story.

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