A Woman Says She Was Injured By A Drag Queen's Breasts In Florida

The lawsuit claims a drag queen slammed her breasts and chest into a patron's head and neck, which she says left her with permanent injuries.

A woman is suing a drag queen and a restaurant in Tampa, Florida, claiming the drag queen injured her with her breasts during a performance.

In the lawsuit seen by BuzzFeed News, Neldin Molina says she was enjoying a friend's birthday dinner at Hamburger Mary's on May 30, 2015 — unaware that the venue also hosted a drag performance.

Hamburger Mary's regularly hosts a drag dinner performance on weekend nights.

The lawsuit is filed against the restaurant and the drag queen Amanda "D'hod," although the well-known local performer at the restaurant is named "Amanda D'Rhod."

It alleges that during the dinner performance, D'Rhod walked over to Molina and slammed her breasts into Molina's head and neck, which Molina says left her with permanent injuries.

The lawsuit explains the incident:

... unexpectedly Defendant grabs her head and wiggles her breast against Plaintiff's face and head 8 times. Then Defendant grabs Plaintiff face pushing it to the right and immediately after grabs Plaintiff head shacking [sic] it several times and then unexpectedly Defendant grabs Plaintiff head and neck and violently pounds the PIaintiff's head against Defendants chest up to 9 times.

It also states that Molina immediately complained to the manager that night about experiencing a headache.

Molina argues in her lawsuit that she has been left with permanent neck injuries and has had headaches. She is requesting $1.5 million in damages.

Neither D'Rhod nor Hamburger Mary's immediately responded to requests for comment, although a motion to dismiss the case was filed, arguing the lawsuit was "vague."

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