This Shopping Experience Is For People Who Don't Like People

Women's fashion brand Reformation has a futuristic new store in San Francisco that uses touchscreens instead of salespeople. BuzzFeed News took a look around.

The women's fashion brand Reformation has a futuristic new store located in San Francisco's Mission district.

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If you don’t like interacting with salespeople, this is the store for you.

Once you walk in, you can browse clothing racks IRL in the showroom.

Then, you can go use one of the three touchscreen monitors mounted throughout the store, and select the clothing you want to try on.

An attendant will call your name when it’s time to go in.

There’s a two-way door system with a super-strong magnet in each fitting room that allows employees to fill up the wardrobe from the other side — without being able to walk in on you changing.

That’s because there’s 900 lbs of magnetic force preventing the other door to have access.

Inside the fitting room, there is a selection of different lighting scenarios ("basic," “cool,” “golden,” and “sexy-time”). You can also connect your phone to in-room speakers to play your own music.

If a size doesn’t fit you, you can pick another size on the touchscreen monitor in your fitting room.

Just remember to close your door or your items won’t come.

This new retail experience is a mixture of in-person and online shopping: You select items from a screen, but you get to test and see the clothing IRL.

Once you’re ready to check out, a salesperson with an iPhone will help you.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully had a somewhat antisocial shopping experience.

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