San Diego State Suspended Frats After Sexual Harassment And Assault Allegations

On Friday, a "Take Back The Night" protest was interrupted when fraternity members yelled obscenities and threw eggs at protesters. On Tuesday, leaders of the SDSU Greek community announced an indefinite suspension of fraternities.

All fraternal social activities have been indefinitely suspended at the San Diego State University, following multiple reports of harassment and sexual misconduct over the weekend.

SDSU students protest rape at the Womyn's Outreach Association's Take Back The Night event.

On Friday night, about 30-40 students held a "Take Back The Night" protest against sexual violence and sexism, Madison Hopkins, a senior at SDSU and the Managing Editor of the Daily Aztec, told BuzzFeed News.

As the group passed fraternity houses, they were allegedly met with sexualized verbal attacks, with fraternity members allegedly throwing eggs at the protesters from passing cars. Hopkins said there are also reports that some fraternity members waved and threw dildos as the protests as they walked by.

A representative for Delta Sigma Phi, the fraternity allegedly responsible for harassing the Take Back The Night protesters, refused to comment to BuzzFeed News on Wednesday

On Saturday night, a female student reported being sexually assaulted at an off-campus party, marking the seventh report of sexual violence at SDSU this semester.

Later that night, a 19-year-old student reported that a group of six men tried to pull her into a car.

"A lot of people are freaked out about sexual assault on campus this year," said Hopkins. "It's been way worse than before.

"The sense on campus from a lot of concerned students is that sexual assault has become a serious issue on our campus, and the administration isn't doing enough."

The group of students who organized the "Take Back The Night" protest, Concerned Students of San Diego State University, sent a letter to the administration on Monday night.

"This is rape culture," student representatives wrote in the letter. "We demand bold action from the administration to combat SDSU's campus rape culture."

Students at SDSU say Sigma Phi Epsilon yelled obscenities at Take Back The Night marchers

Leaders of Greek life on campus responded swiftly to the letter and the increased campus sexual violence. The group, which oversees fraternities and sororities, announced on Tuesday that all fraternities' social activities were indefinitely suspended.

"Sexual violence is a significant issue on our campus and on college campuses across the country," SDSU said in a statement on Tuesday.

"The Inter-Fraternity Council will voluntarily suspend all social activities in order to focus on educating its members about sexual assault prevention."

The letter also stated that going forward, "every member of the Greek community will be required to undergo sexual violence and bystander training."

"We will all participate in events and activities that promote an end to sexual violence. Moreover, we will meet regularly with each other and administrative leaders to determine better ways to regulate ourselves and our members."

The President of the University, Elliot Hirshman, commended the leaders of the Greek community for "recognizing our shared responsibility to end sexual violence and taking these proactive steps to address this critical issue."

"We must work as one community to create the substantive changes necessary to end sexual violence on our campus."

The announcement comes four days after the University of Virginia announced the suspension of all fraternities for two weeks as administrators discussed how to better handle sexual assault reports on campus.

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