John Oliver Found The Perfect Way To Get You To Pay Attention To Politics

With cute dogs, obviously.

Sunday's episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver focused on one of America's most veiled government institutions: The Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments, but unfortunately cameras are not allowed in the courtroom. That means Americans can't see how the justices come to the decisions that affect all of our lives.

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The Supreme Court does release some sound-clips, but they're played over drawings, like this:

"What happens at the Supreme Court is way too important to not pay attention to," said Oliver. "But I think we may have a solution."

Instead of releasing audio over boring drawings, why not play it over footage of adorable dogs with fake paws?

After all, it is literally impossible to resist watching animals act like humans. Unless you are a coldhearted monster.

"These dry Supreme Court arguments are now must see television," joked Oliver.

"We have everything you need: Ginsburg adjusting her glasses..."

"You need Samuel Alito having a drink of water? No problem."

"You need Alito humping Eleanor Kagan? We got that for you."

"Why? Because the Alito dog was amazing."

"Plus, we have a court stenographer just trying to keep up..."

"We invite all major news networks to use this footage to make Supreme Court arguments more compelling to watch."

"If there are not full reenactments of every major court case of the past four years," Oliver threatened, "You will never see us here again."

He even released 10 minutes of footage of the dogs without any audio for networks to play over court cases of their choosing. All eyes on you, cable news.

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