John Green Is Sending Signed Copies Of His Books To The Ferguson Library

During a Reddit AMA, the Ferguson Library Director said that "The Fault In Our Stars" is one of the library's most popular young adult novels.

When riots broke out in Ferguson after last week's announcement that Officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted, thousands of people who wanted to help the town donated to the Ferguson library.

The small library with only one full-time staff member received over $200,000 in donations.

Updates: 1) @fergusonlibrary has received over $200K in donations (woohoo!), but we can help even more! Donate here:

On Saturday, the Ferguson Library Director, Scott Bonner, signed onto Reddit for an AMA.

Director about to do Ask Me Anything at so please ask questions! #Ferguson #whatlibrariesdo

Somebody asked Bonner what young adult novels are most popular at the library, and naturally, he said The Fault In Our Stars.

This led The Fault In Our Stars author, John Green, to chime in, saying that he is sending signed copies of all his books to the library.

On Twitter, some people criticized Green for making it public knowledge. Green said that he should have messaged the librarian personally.

@CarlaScHolloway I didn't make a quippy joke? on reddit or tumblr? I donated through @iSmashFizzle's drive...

@CarlaScHolloway ...and then when the librarian mentioned that tfios was popular at the library, I promised to send them some signed books.

@CarlaScHolloway Then people started upvoting it and I was embarrassed because I should've just messaged the librarian privately...

@CarlaScHolloway so I edited the post to say I shouldn't've said anything publicly and was clearly just being a karma idiot, but I didn't...

@CarlaScHolloway Want to delete the post because the librarian had replied very generously and I didn't want to make him feel weird.

But a lot of fans were just happy to see him supporting the library.

.@johngreen thank you for supporting @fergusonlibrary! They exemplify what all of us in library land strive to accomplish in our communities

Besides donating money and sending his novels, Green also thanked BuzzFeed News writer Ashley Ford, who was integral in fundraising.

@iSmashFizzle Thanks for making this whole thing happen, Ashley. It's amazing. It's going to be transformative to that library.

Let's hope that some young Fault In Our Stars fans in Ferguson get to take home a signed copy of Green's book soon.

h/t Mashable

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