Guy Trying To Fly Across Atlantic Using Nothing But Helium Balloons Has Clearly Seen "Up" Way Too Many Times

He is either the world's greatest daredevil or a complete and utter lunatic. An IT Manager from North Carolina is attempting to cross the Atlantic Ocean by clinging to helium filled balloons.

Jonathan Trappe, 39, might be an IT Manager from North Carolina, but he is also a "daredevil" with a dream of flying across the Atlantic propelled by helium balloons.

You know, like the dude from Up.

Trappe took flight at 6:20 a.m. this morning from Caribou, Maine. Nobody has attempted the feat, although five have died trying to cross the Atlantic in hot air balloons.

His girlfriend said she knows she might never see him again, but still supports his dream.

Trappe will make the 2,500-mile trip alone, relying on 370 helium filled balloons, the Daily Mail reports. He will pop the balloons or drop ballast to control the aircraft.

Trappe posted his farewell facebook post last night.

Facebook: jonathan.r.trappe.1

This isn't the first time he's attempted to use balloons to take flight. Trappe was the first person to cross the English Channel using cluster balloons, and the first person to fly over the Alps.

And in November, 2012, Trappe flew this house at the Leon International Balloon festival, according to his website.

If successful, Trappe's trans-atlantic trip would set a world record and be his greatest feat yet.

A video of Trappe's departure this morning

View this video on YouTube

Good luck, Jonathan!

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