Good-Bye, @Everyword

The Twitter feed of every word is shutting down on June 7.

It's been seven years since @everyword, the Twitter feed of every word in the English language, sent its first tweet: "a."

The surprisingly poetic and popular feed will officially shut down on June 7.

Adam Parrish, the creator of the account, used a leixcon of American English he found on the internet to build the automated feed, the Wall Street Journal reported. After over 109,000 tweets, it is out of words.

Parrish didn't say what the final tweet would be, but it's likely to be sent very early Friday morning.

On Tuesday morning, @everyword's most recent tweet was "zestier."

Parrish is a poet and a computer programmer who will be teaching a computer science class at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism this summer.

He built @everyword in 2007, when he was a graduate student in NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program.

"Criticism of Twitter in the early days was that it's short, meaningless, and puts everything out of context," Parrish said.

"To have people see a word in their Twitter feed and then riff off of it or to use it as the basis to make jokes with friends, that's a big vindication for people who care both about language and technology," he said.

"Sex," "weed," and "vagina" are the three most retweeted words.

It's been a good seven years, @everyword. We'll miss you.

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