"SNL" Goes Into The Woods To Hunt For Hillary Clinton

"We set out to find her, trap her, and thank her."

Since losing the election to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton has been taking a break from the public eye.

Bill Clinton / Via Margot Gerster

However, she has been spotted a couple of times walking in the woods in Chappaqua, New York, with her dog.

Loads of people have been joking that Clinton has moved to the woods for a quiet life since the election.

Twitter / @madgeofhonor / Via Twitter: @madgeofhonor

In a send-up of the sightings, Saturday Night Live aired a sketch showing two investigators searching the woods for the "most elusive legend of all: Hillary Rodham Clinton."

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NBC / Via youtube.com

The investigators headed to Westchester County, where they "set out to find her, trap her, and thank her."

NBC / Via youtube.com

First, they met with a woman who claimed to have shot footage of Clinton running through the woods.

NBC / Via youtube.com

The investigators were excited. This seemed like the real deal.

After failing to track her down, they set up cameras and planted the one thing they knew she couldn't resist: a newspaper article on the recount in Wisconsin.

NBC / Via youtube.com

Clinton still managed to elude them, but they knew they were close after she left a message on the paper.

NBC / Via youtube.com

The investigators were forced to take the next logical step...

NBC / Via youtube.com

...and consult with a forest shaman who can talk to the trees, obviously.

The shaman quickly located Clinton. She was buying eggs at a local supermarket.

And so the hunt continued...

NBC / Via youtube.com

Meanwhile, Hillary Rodham Clinton remains as elusive as ever.