Samantha Bee Says She Is Angry About The Orlando Shooting

"Love does not win, unless we love each other enough to fix our fucking problem."

Samantha Bee is really, really angry.

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During the opening of her show Full Frontal on Monday night, Bee began to talk about Orlando.

But instead of the "standard operating procedure" of talk-show hosts providing a "well-meaning speech about how we will get through this together, how love wins," Bee let her anger speak.

"Fuck it. I am too angry for that," she said. "Love does not win, unless we love each other enough to fix our fucking problem … Hey, is it OK if instead of making jokes, I just scream for seven minutes?"

Bee was flabbergasted that the Orlando gay nightclub shooter, Omar Mateen, had been able to buy an assault rifle with his prior history.

This was a man with a history of domestic abuse, who had been reported by colleagues for being homophobic and "unhinged," and had also been investigated by the FBI previously, she said.

She also took issue with his mirror selfies.


"Can’t we get semiautomatic assault rifles out of the hands of civilians?" she asked.


"Sam Bee wants to take your guns away, yes!" she added. "Yes, the ones that mow down a room full of people in seconds, yes, I do want to take those guns away."

Bee also referenced Australia's strict gun laws.


In 1996 after a devastating mass shooting, Australia banned all semiautomatic rifles and shotguns. There has not been a mass shooting in the country since.