6 People Killed As Police Crack Down On Teachers' Protest In Mexico

More than 100 people have also been injured, and many say police reacted with unnecessary violence to quell protesters.

Six people have died after police opened fire on teachers protesting in the Mexican state of Oaxaca.

More than 100 people, including police officers, were injured during the protests, which kicked off last week following the arrest of two high-profile union leaders, the BBC reported.

The protesters are also opposed to the mandatory testing of teachers as part of Mexico's sweeping education reform.

Speaking Sunday night, Oaxaca state Gov. Gabino Cue said 53 civilians, 41 federal police agents, and 14 state police agents were injured.

Protesting for education reform should not end in police brutality and senseless killing. Major news outlets should be acknowledging #Oaxaca

Tourists: #Oaxaca is temporarily closed & will open as soon as there is justice.

This isn't a 'clash', it's an act of repression and excessive use of force against the people of #Oaxaca #Nochixtlan https://t.co/gMrHR64RAn

Mexican police filmed shooting teargas at homes #Nochixtlan https://t.co/aiIF7NtKCm

Oaxaca NGO Codigo DH released a statement on behalf of more than 80 local charities condemning the violence.

Witnesses have accused police of firing tear gas into homes and said cell phone signals have been blocked to stop civilians from communicating.

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