People Think Trump's Victory Will Bolster Far-Right Support In France

"Thinking of placing a large bet on Marine Le Pen as president of France."

Conservative French politicians are celebrating Donald Trump's election as US president, calling it the first in a wave of far-right victories to come.

National Front leader Marine Le Pen was among the first foreign politicians to congratulate Trump and the "free American people" on the results.

One of her senior advisers, vice president of the National Front Florian Philippot, then tweeted that Trump's election showed "Their world is collapsing. Ours is being built."

Far-right supports across the globe began celebrating early Wednesday, as Trump's victory became more likely.

Many eyes will now turn to France ahead of its presidential election next year.

And loads of people are already suggesting Le Pen could become France's next president.

Brexit, now this. Viewed from Paris, the question "Can Marine Le Pen win the French presidency in 2017?" suddenly looks less absurd

Thinking of placing a large bet on Marine Le Pen as president of France.

Next are the election of Marine Le Pen in France and the dissolution of the European Union and the United Nations.

I'm calling it now Marine Le Pen will win in the presidential elections next year, populism is power 🙄

Marine le Pen now looking a shoe-in to be President of France next year...

Even the French ambassador to the US weighed in on the results, before quickly deleting his tweet.

French Ambassador to US deletes tweet saying "a world is collapsing before our eyes" #ElectionNight #Elections2016

Polls released earlier this year suggest Le Pen will easily make it through to the final round of two candidates in the country’s presidential elections next April/May.

And anti-immigrant, nationalist rhetoric has not been limited to Le Pen.

Former President Nicolas Sarkozy is among the other contenders for the presidency, and some, including within his own party, have accused him of adopting the National Front’s tone on immigration, Islam, and identity.

A study of the rise of far-right views across Europe, reported by BuzzFeed News in October, revealed a clear majority of people surveyed in France, 63%, held authoritarian populist views.