This Deaf Boy Can Now Communicate With His Classmates After They All Learned Sign Language Together

Teachers say since the class learned sign language six-year-old Zejd has been much happier at school.

This is Zejd. He is six years old and lives in Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovina in Eastern Europe. He is also deaf.

Local teacher Sanela Ljumanovic volunteered to help despite no one at the school, including Zejd, knowing any sign language.

So Zejd, his teachers and his entire class started learning sign-language so they could all communicate together.

"[Zejd] looks forward to going to school ... now he is happy and motivated," his mother told the Associated Press.

"I like to learn Zejd's language so I can talk to him and to other deaf people. It is fun," said Tarik Sijaric, one of Zejd's best friends.

Zejd's teacher Ljumanovic said she would introduce sign language into the curriculum because it helps the children become aware of those with disabilities.

Zejd's teachers say learning sign language as a class has boosted his self-esteem.

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