9 Totally Uncomfortable Facts About Sweat

What are you really smelling when you smell your armpits?

1. Your sweat feeds whole colonies of bacteria that call your body home.

2. All that body odor you associate with sweat is really just the noxious waste produced by those bacterial feasts.

3. Very few animals outside of humans actually use sweat to keep their bodies cool.

4. Sweating might not cool you the way you think it cools you.

5. There are different kinds of sweat.

6. ...And they come from different places.

This difference is why genital and other hairy regions smell more!

7. The average human has around 200 sweat glands per square centimeter.

8. The highest sweat gland density is found on the palms of your hand and the soles of your feet.

9. An average human can sweat as much as 2.5 liters per hour.

All things considered, though, you should be pretty pumped about sweat. It keeps us alive and helped us evolve into the stinky creatures we are today!