Scientists Don't Know What To Make Of The Latest Pluto Photos

"It looks more like tree bark or dragon scales than geology."

NASA's New Horizon's team released stunning new images of the dwarf planet Pluto today.

The images provide an incredible level of detail. Here's some "bizarrely textured mountains" from a region informally named the Tartarus Dorsa:

Here's a super-close view of Sputnik Planum, A.K.A. Pluto's "heart":

How about something even closer and even weirder?!

There is one obvious observation that NASA was unwilling to admit to:

Pluto? Looks more like Pooto to me... AMIRITE?

So what's going on here?

According to NASA: The features shown in the image "resemble dunes, the older shoreline of a shrinking glacial ice lake, and fractured, angular water ice mountains with sheer cliffs." They don't have any conclusive evidence telling them what exactly is going on, but they think they could be looking at dunes composed of bright ice particles.

For comparison, here is the highest resolution image we had of Pluto before New Horizons hero-ed it up real hard:

Fuck yeah, New Horizons!