13 "Jurassic World" Events Ranked By Scientific Absurdity

Never should have thrown those cuttlefish bits into that dino-hybrid... SPOILERS!

Jurassic World was awesome. It features a hyperintelligent raptor-tyrannosaur hybrid, velociraptor mercenaries, and a motorcycle-riding, raptor-taming Chris Pratt.

To get some scientific insight into the films, I spoke with two people who know a thing or two about dinos:

Bhart-Anjan Bhullar, soon-to-be-professor at Yale, who recently made headlines (along with his doctoral adviser Arhat Abzhanov) by reversing some aspects of bird evolution to re-create a dinosaur-like snout in developing chickens.

Steve Brusatte, a professor at the University of Edinburgh, an expert on dinosaur evolution, and currently the scientist behind the National Geographic show T. rex Autopsy.

Despite the stereotype of scientists as heartless nerds lacking a sense of humor, both scientists really enjoyed Jurassic World.

I asked each of them about the science behind some events in the film.

The events are ranked on a scale of Camera-Wielding Velociraptors. One raptor is the least absurd, 10 raptors is the most absurd.

1. There are no paleontologists employed by Jurassic World.

2. The velociraptors are capable of being trained.

3. The pterosaurs fly in a large pack.

4. The velociraptors keep up with a motorcycle driven by Chris Pratt.

5. The velociraptors attack their victims slasher-style.

6. The head of Indominus rex is weird and emaciated.

7. Many characters are under the impression that the T. rex has poor eyesight.

8. The mososaur is huge and it heroically kills the Indominus rex.

9. Pterosaurs pick humans up with their feet and drop them to the ground.

10. The InGen lab has all kinds of weird shit floating around in tanks.

11. A hybrid dino is built from the genes of a T. rex, velociraptor, some other dinosaurs, tree frogs, and cuttlefish.

12. Geneticists create a dinosaur that can camouflage itself.

13. None of the dinosaurs had any feathers.

Regardless, Jurassic World was still totally...

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