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Literally Just 17 Awesome Science GIFs

Behold the splendor of science!

Posted on December 30, 2015, at 4:40 p.m. ET

1. This 6-million-year visual journey from ape to man:

John Gurche / Via Facebook: inverse

2. This monarch butterfly getting ready to leave its chrysalis:

Neil Bromhall / Via

3. This fly-over of the dwarf planet Ceres:


4. This glorious mixture of milk, food coloring, and shampoo:

JosephCoaler / Via

5. This map of winds over the United States:

SHPSM's channel / Via

6. This massive test of earthquake engineering:

Simpson Strong-Tie / Via

7. This ominous volcanic eruption:

James Reynolds / EarthUncut TV / Via

8. This microbe-on-microbe attack:

Mr. Wim van Egmond / Micropolitan Museum

9. This view of a space shuttle launch:

NASA / Via

10. These MRIs of a tomato (left) and an onion (right):



11. And this badass gladiator spider trapping its prey:

bimorphosis / Via

12. This zoom-in that really gives you a sense of scale:

Cary and Michael Huang / Via

13. Or this zoom-out that does the same:

Cary and Micheal Huang / Via

14. This terrifying yet captivating above-ground atomic bomb test:

AtomCentral / Via

15. Or this equally terrifying and equally captivating underwater nuke test:

AtomCentral / Via

16. This first-hand view of Curiosity landing on Mars:

NASA / Luke Fitch / Via

17. And finally, just for the hell of it, this slow-mo video of a man-made firenado:

The Slo Mo Guys / Via

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