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13 Epic Lab Fails That Make You Glad You Majored In English

"Congratulations! You hit the sperm sack!"

Posted on April 3, 2015, at 2:38 p.m. ET

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their most epic or embarrassing science lab story.

We received more than 300 anonymous submissions.

Tijana87 / Getty Images

Here are 13 that really stood out:

1. The droopy tongue mishap:

markrhiggins / Via Thinkstock

Submitted by anonymous

2. The tail/penis mixup:

Gramercy Pictures

Submitted by anonymous

3. The explosive stool:

"A patient had submitted a stool sample. ... Apparently whatever pathogen was growing in this person's intestines was gas producing, because the lid was bulging upwards like a bad can of soup. ... That was the day I learned the importance of opening a stool specimen container from the edge facing AWAY from you. High-pressure diarrhea came flying out of that thing the way a glob of yogurt gets pooped out when you open a yogurt cup too fast."

Submitted by anonymous

4. The sperm sack explosion:

"[While dissecting a fish], a steady stream of white goo sprayed all over my face and went into my mouth. After I screamed, my teacher came over and inspected the carcass. She said, 'Congratulations! You hit the sperm sack!'"

norwayblue / Via Thinkstock

Submitted by anonymous

5. The Tylenol workaround:

"In O-Chem 2 lab, I was supposed to have a solid precipitate but failed. I wasn't about to start over because I was lazy and didn't understand how science works, so I crushed up a Tylenol pill and kept moving. The horrible fumes I concocted settled into my pores, apparently, and I smelled like skunk for at least a week."

Submitted by anonymous

6. The abandoned lizard:

"The first couple weeks we were able to handle the lizards quite easily. However, the lizards quickly learned the [experimental] routine and [one] got away from me. After racing around the classroom with my partner trying to catch it, the lizard ran into a corner and up a hole. After a few minutes of trying to get it out, my partner and I were forced to give up and go buy a second lizard. Our teacher still doesn't know and for all we know, that lizard is still running around our science building."

Leigh Prather / Via Thinkstock

Submitted by anonymous

7. The swine flu lollipop:

xrender / Via Thinkstock

Submitted by anonymous

8. The classic hydrochloric acid dare:

"Someone dared me to stick my hand in some hydrochloric acid and my skin crusted over for like two weeks."

Submitted by anonymous

9. The sub-edible frog heart:

"I bet my friend she wouldn't eat a frog's heart, then she did and got really sick and had to go the nurse."

Submitted by anonymous

10. The acid* boner incident:

Ljupco / Via Thinkstock

Submitted by anonymous

*Note: We sincerely hope that this submitter meant hydrochloric acid. Hydrofluoric acid can be deadly with even minimal skin exposure.

11. The abstinent mouse screwup:

GlobalP / Via Thinkstock

Submitted by anonymous

12. The ol' explode 'n shit:

Stolk / Via Thinkstock

Submitted by anonymous

13. The lab-fire labor fiasco:

BDEngler / Via

Submitted by anonymous

  1. What is the most important lab safety lesson you learned today?

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What is the most important lab safety lesson you learned today?

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    Don't put shit you found in the lab in your mouth.
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    Science is gross.
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    Romance and lab science is a tricky area.
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    No matter how hard I failed, other people seem to be failing harder.
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    Bets and dares in the lab rarely end well.