Scientists Unexpectedly Discover That The Brontosaurus May Be A Real Dinosaur After All

For the past century, scientists have dismissed the brontosaurus as not a real dinosaur. Now an international team of paleontologists thinks it's time to make the beloved beast official once more.

The brontosaurus has always been one of the most beloved dinosaurs, but science has made that love a forbidden one.

Brontosaurus was named by famed paleontologist Othniel Charles Marsh in 1879.

But paleontologists of their day believed it was too similar to a dinosaur genus that had already been described.

The dastardly Elmer Riggs came along in 1903 and published a paper claiming the Brontosaurus find was simply a larger and more complete Apatosaurus specimen.

Given the information and methods to which Riggs had access at the time, his was a perfectly valid conclusion. But the conclusion killed the Brontosaurus genus.

Now, in a study published today, a group of scientists has argued that it's time to bring Brontosaurus back!

At first, Tschopp questioned the findings. He wasn't looking to save Brontosaurus when he started the project.

Other scientists agree too.

Rejoice! Science may let Brontosaurus be your favorite dinosaur after all!

We will have to wait and see if the scientific community agrees with the findings. Until then...

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