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21 Times Tumblr Got Too Real For Teaching Assistants

Did you even read the syllabus?

Posted on May 18, 2015, at 5:47 p.m. ET

1. When they mocked your adorable attempts to legitimize your place as a college instructor:

2. That time they captured the Darwinian struggle of avoiding TA responsibilities:

3. And how you felt when you had to take on way too much responsibility:

4. When they told the truth about lesson planning:

5. When they knew how fast your friendly outlook could fade:

6. That time they captured the unexpected terror of being needed:

7. And the frustration of not being needed after all:

8. When they knew how it felt to have your syllabus ignored:

9. Or to run out of material:

My Life as a Teaching Assistant / Via

10. They know the joy of calling a student out on their shit:

11. That time they captured the pain of the ultimate betrayal:

12. And the pain of being truly disappointed in a student:

13. That time they totally understood how scary it is to have power over others' lives:

14. And also those times you were not afraid to use that power:

15. Even when it meant you had to hide for the rest of your graduate career:

The Chemists Experience / Via

16. When they captured the truth about how much you put into your work:

17. And the strong face you sometimes put on:

18. Even when your students don't bring their A-game:

19. When they perfectly laid out realities of your social life as a TA:

20. But also those times they captured the pleasant little surprises along the way:

21. And most important, that time they captured the precious moment when you realize you actually made a difference in someone's life:

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